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Stroke (and in general, any kind of Acquired Brain Damage – ABD –) and spinal cord injuries significantly affect thousands of individuals annually, leading to considerable physical impairment and functional disability.

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HANK Exoskeleton design

HANK is a lower limb exoskeleton designed for rehabilitation of adults between 1.50 and 1.95 m in height, with a maximum body weight of 100 kg, such as stroke patients following neurological insults. It also can be used for gait compensation in patients who have paralysis of the lower limbs following spinal cord injuries. It is conceived for overground gait training in a clinical environment as a bilateral wearable device with six degrees of freedom (DoF), in which hip, knee and ankle are powered joints.

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Download our brochure to find out more about Hank Project as well as our european partners, technological developments, products and services provided by our company. Brochure [...]

HANK PROJECT at SSNR 2017 in Baiona (Spain)

HANK PROJECT has been present at the school and international symposium on advanced neurorehabilitation SSNR 2017 held in Baiona (Galicia) last September, and organized by the [...]

The Hank Project in Basque television (ETB)

ETB is the Public Basque Television and a few days ago were in GOGOA Mobility Robots headquarters to know more details about Gogoa and The [...]

Juan Antonio Martín in Onda Cero Radio

Interview to Juan Antonio Martín Technical Director on GOGOA Mobility Robots, in the famous program of spanish radio: "Julia en la Onda": You can read [...]

The HANK Project in El Diario Vasco

El Diario Vasco, a famous spanish newspaper published in march: You can read the article about the Hank Project in El Diario Vasco web site. [...]

The HANK Project in El Pais

El Pais, a famous spanish newspaper published in january: You can read the article about the Hank Project in El Pais web site. [...]

HANK at WeRob 2016

HANK will be also presented in The International Symposium on Wearable Robotics 2016, to be hold from the 18th to the 21st October, 2016, in [...]

HANK at Cybathlon 2016

On Saturday, 8 October 2016 ETH Zurich is organising the very first Cybathlon! Individuals with physical disabilities will compete side by side in six demanding [...]

HANK at SSNR2016 Symposium

The first prototype of the HANK exoskeleton will be officially presented during The 2016 School and Simposium on Advanced Neurorehabilitation (SSNR2016), to be hold in [...]

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GOGOA is a society located in Urola Garaia (Urretxu), that designs and manufactures wearable robotics to assist and rehabilitate the movement capacity of people with Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) or Spinal Cord Injuries and to increase the movement performance of humans (rescue services , fire fighters, workers under special conditions, …)
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